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our vision

We are professional cleaners team. GICS cleaning service was set up in 2001 with a very simple aim: to provide our customers with a quality, genuine value for money cleaning service backed by the highest levels of customer care.

The key difference between GICS and other cleaning service providers is that we take great pride in the standards of our cleaning and focus all of our attentions into what really matters – the customer.

Join us in our quest.

Finding a better solution for everyday cleaning requirements is necessary. The task of finding a professional firm that can satisfy your needs will only get tougher.
Possessing the right kind of skills will not only enable the professionals to finish the work quickly but also helps them to ensure flawless service time and again. Maintaining the right kind of energy levels and a keen sense of perfection holds the key.

Our work team

Executive Administrator
Accountant / Bookkeeper
Director of Consulting
Marketing Manager


GICS cleaning is a company that has a long experience in cleaning houses, offices, administrative buildings and office equipment. The company was founded by a young and ambitious team, having the aim to win a leading position on Gateshead's market. In responce to the demand of one quick, qualitative and competent service,GICS cleaning utilizes new equipment, which results in a qualitative job fulfillment. Knowing that our clients’ time is precious, we are bound to comply with the predefined requirements in the shortest period of time possible.

To make it easier for you, if you would like to make an order, you may prefer to use our web site to order the service quickly and easily. The prices of the services, provided by GICS cleaning are included in our price list. In addition to all that, we would be glad, if you could share your impressions from the provided services. In order to improve the quality of our work, we need your remarks and recommendations. And last but not least, if you have decided to use our services, if you think that we would be able to assist you with your daily trivial work, call us or request our services on our web site. GICS cleaning would make everything possible for you to go on with your every day work without worrying about the hygiene around you.